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Five Products Every Woman Should Have

Dan Cestone

Hey Fantasy Bae, here are the top five feminine hygiene products you should have in your arsenal, and why you need them:

1- A pH Balancing Shower Gel

A pH Balancing Shower Gel

First, instead of a harsh bar soap that will strip your skin, you need a pH balancing shower gel that gently cleanses and soothes your skin, feeding it with all it needs to thrive and glow, like our Refresh pH Balancing Shower Gel.

It contains Coco Glucoside, one of nature’s gentlest cleansers, and is perfect for sensitive areas.

If your skin is extra sensitive, you should go for our Boric Balance Sensitive feminine wash.

2- Boric Acid Suppositories 

Boric Acid Suppositories

Due to their anti-fungal and antiviral properties, boric acid suppositories help prevent urinary tract infections, and yeast infections. You will also need to use them after sex to prevent bacterial vaginosis.

To prevent inserting random products into your vagina, you should patronize a brand you trust.

Our Fresh & Clean pH balancing suppositories are tested and trusted. They do a good job at protecting you from all forms of infections. 

3- Chlorophyll Capsules

Chlorophyll Capsules

You need Chlorophyll Capsules to eliminate body odor and take care of your Gut and Skin.

It’s even better if it’s made with all natural ingredients, like our Our Body Magic Chlorophyll Capsules.

This product is a blend of organic parsley leaf, sodium copper chlorophyllin, and organic peppermint leaf and is perfectly safe for you.

4- Vaginal Moisturizer/Lubricant

Vaginal Moisturizer/Lubricant

If you’re dealing with dryness and irritation, you need a gentle vaginal moisturizer to provide lasting hydration and wetness for your pleasure.

Our Slippery Box Vaginal Lubricant is made with carefully selected ingredients and is guaranteed to end your discomfort and pain. 

To save yourself the trouble of looking for these products to add to your arsenal, simply find all of them on our website here at  her fantasy box.

We can say without any doubt that our products are all you need to maintain a good and effective hygiene routine; they’re definitely a must-have for every woman.


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