Keep it clean and fresh down there with

“Fresh and Clean”

Suffering from yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, or vaginal odor? There's no reason to hold back when a better option is available–like Fantasy Box! Easy-to-use vaginal suppositories that have been proven effective in fighting vaginal infections and restoring proper vaginal pH balance. It’s time to say no-no to odor and "nasty" friends!


Girlfriend, How Important Is Your Box Health To You?

3 Out of 4 Women Suffer From Vaginal Infections…

And half of them have one or more infections that are unknown to them. 

Babe, sometimes strong odors and itching are just your Box not functioning normally. 

Bacteria and fungi such as Gardnerella Vaginalis and Candida Albicans are just some of the causes of vaginal odor and itching.

Vaginal Odor Smelling Not-So-Good Can Be Caused By…

Excessive Washing

Douching your Vee is overrated because it can disrupt your natural pH balance.

Perfumed Soaps

It’s easy to fall for our pre-loved scented soaps, but they can cause irritation later.


Your monthly visitor isn’t really friendly with your balance. 


Semen is a lot more alkaline than your intimate area so it can cause imbalance.

Aside From That…

Just imagine how embarrassing it is to have a husband that is turned off by the smell, sometimes even thinking that he did something wrong to cause it. Or bad about you.

Don’t let this embarrassment deactivate you from becoming your best self we know you already are!

No more uncomfortable creams or douches, and embarrassment because we’ve cracked the secret formula of having a refreshing feeling down there!

Treat your vagina like royalty

Fresh and Clean

the crowning glory of all your intimate needs

Relieves Vaginal Discomfort

Restore your vagina’s natural pH with Fantasy Box tablets containing a significant amount of boric acid clinically proven to treat vaginal infection by up to 92%.

Stay Feeling Fresh 24/7

Each vaginal pill keeps your Ms. Vee feeling fresh and amazing all day by purifying all disease-causing organisms and bacteria.


Using an applicator or your finger, place one suppository capsule into the vagina before going to bed for 7 consecutive days for best results.

Prevent BV & Yeast Infection

Your #1 intimate adventure partner. Each tablet can be inserted after sex to restore the vagina’s natural pH to prevent bacterial and fungal growth such as Gardnerella Vaginalis and Candida Albicans.

Absorbs Effectively

Work better than oral antibiotics because they can easily be dissolved inside your vagina and get transported to your bloodstream.


Love Note From Our Dear Buyers

Start everyday fresh with

Fresh and Clean

A 2022 must-have for all women like you.



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